Tuesday, December 25, 2007

has anyone ever cooked just one sprout ?

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Anonymous said...


Season’s Greetings. You have been tagged. You, are IT.

The name of this Meme is Secrets and Lies. All you have to do is post an entry on you blog containing a secret and a lie. Words, pictures, video, any topic, it’s up to you. You have been chosen for your creativity, wit, charm and personality. Your secret, your dogs’ secret, any lie will do. Remember a lie can be a secret and a secret can also be a lie. Maybe that’s just politics? Anyway, strangely enough the title of the post should contain the words ‘secrets’ and ‘lies’.

Then find five friends and/or strangers to tag. They may or may not take up the challenge, that’s not your problem. If they do, they should all link back to you and so on ad infinitum or ad nauseum depending on your point of view. Please don’t link back to me. However I’ll be watching your progress.

If you take up the challenge and make your blog entry before the 31st, January 2008 I’ll make a post on my blog with a direct link to you.

To start you off I have made an entry on my blog for the 24th, December my last post before Christmas and then I am going to Paris for a few days. But my inbox is always open pausesforthought@gmail.com Have a happy, stress free holiday and look forward to another wonderful New Year.

Best wishes