Tuesday, April 14, 2009

go to the NEW emotional blackmailer's handbook ...

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emphryio said...

Excuse me I was just curious. And really not trying to pick a fight. What do you mean by the name and explanation of your blog/s?

Surely there are people who actually commit emotional blackmail, just as people are often dishonest and that's all that emotional blackmail is really. But wouldn't it be a truly awful thing to accuse someone of emotional blackmail if they were genuinely hurt by the other person's actions and they simply tried to communicate this fact to them?

You must have known someone who was a pretty serious emotional blackmailer? I've never known anyone like that.

The end reality of our society is that most people just hide their unhappiness from one another. I don't think it a good thing at all. And words like 'emotional blackmail' aren't helping in my opinion.

But I don't know really what the point is of you calling the blog that, nor do I understand what explanation I've found, so I just thought I'd ask, perhaps you could explain.

I must admit I'm pretty suspicious of people who use such a term. And I'm just curious if there is ever any legitimacy to it. Mostly what I've found are people who are incredibly paranoid and looking to think the worst of others and dismiss them out of hand. And well, people who don't want to take responsibility for their own shitty actions and are just looking for ways to avoid doing so.

Perhaps that's exactly your point and the title is you just trying to take yourself lightly?

tristan said...

hey ! emphryio !

rule number one ... learn to avoid using emotional blackmail ... and learn to avoid people who use it

i'm nearly sixty years old and i grew up in a world where most of what passed for human relationships were mired in emotional blackmail ... as learned from romantic films and pop music etc

rule number two ... lighten up ... if you look through my blog you'll see i'm no monster