Sunday, January 22, 2006

my client will plead temporary insanity, m'lud

in the first hour of daylight, when the conscience and all aesthetic sensibilities are weakest, i murmured to the loved one, semi-dormant upon the adjacent pillow,

"if i bought you a carrier bag or two of new plasticene, you could make a life sized bust of me, brightly coloured !"

adding after insufficient consideration,

"... or marzipan !"

after a significant silence, somehow the conversation cum monologue turned to the absence of a chamberpot in our tiny residence, and whether we might have,

"wedgewood, or waterford crystal ?"


DCveR said...

Were you an ancient pharao and you'd be now erecting a new temple to yourself.

tristan said...

you are so right ... i'd have made a jolly good akhenaten