Saturday, June 07, 2008

ref: barbaric ...

i went back to grosvenor place this morning to satisfy my curiosity about number 33

... a curious building in that it bears no exterior signage that would give the passer-by any clue about its original purpose, or the origin of these masterly but quite obscene carvings

... maybe the rooftop pinnacles at either end of the building might jog someone's memory

... but not mine

nb ( 18th july 2008 ) just found from pevsner that the carvings are by maurice lambert, a rich if limited subject, so more about him in a new blog as soon as i've done some research

Pevsner describes the subject matter as angels "trampling down" devils ... mmm ! sort of ...

pevsner doesn't attribute the gigantic pinnacles/finials

our new neighbour has welcomed us with a pot of freshly home-made strawberry jam