Saturday, June 24, 2006

uncannily perfect timing

cycle over from putney to lavender hill to paint the front of a friend's house whilst the loved one heads for brixton by bus to meet people

about four or five hours into the job, as i arrive hot & tired at the top of a fully extended ladder with a brush and some masonry paint, the top of the ladder begins a very slow slide down the wall and i say to myself quietly but audibly, "something's wrong !"

gathering my wits after that awful second in which time slows to 10% of its normal speed, i begin to climb back down the steps of the moving ladder & to think about how to land, especially if it twists and throws me sideways

but then it stops sliding and as i climb down, the loved one's cheerful voice says "saved you" and she's standing with her foot against the bottom rung and her shopping bags in her hands, having just turned the corner in time to witness my predicament

designed by katrina ...., there's posh !

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between waking and sleeping

the hyperactive talkaholic loved one arrives in the bed just after i've reached the point of deepest sleep

through my cerebral fog she's talking about the wedding we'll be attending in a couple of months

she says, with all the incandescent brightness of hope, "i'll need a new dress ... and a hat"

i mumble, whilst struggling back to semi-consciousness, "would you like to borrow my crash helmet?"