Monday, February 27, 2006

never underestimate a fellow human being

i still haven't figured out how to use links, so apologies for an untidy page

since making a couple of ( VERY SHORT ) visits to the navajo and hopi people i've tried to keep up with some of their issues & achievements via the internet

here are two nice stories, fresh today,lalli,72326,15.html


i forgot to report this scene from yesterday's blood donor session ...

as i lay down on the comfy blood donors' bed, i was unable to stifle a yawn

first loud nurse ( with needle ):

"Look at him yawning !"


"Sorry, its a conditioned reflex, I'll yawn whenever I lay down"

second loud nurse ( walking past with a bag of someone else's blood ):

"I bet he snores, too !"


"I'm afraid it's true ! I do !"

lady donor with very husky low voice on next bed, gives a heartfelt & theatrical sigh:

"Show me a man who doesn't !"