Monday, March 02, 2009

we flew south ...

... to indulge in a growing affection for roman marble

lintels !


and when i rule the universe, this is where you'll find us on bath nights

the god of the nile

it is a well-known fact that truckers make ideal artist's models

i once knew a farmer who'd ( allegedly ) been weaned on scrumpy

a bit of raphael

romans tip-toeing through the ages

grrr !

hey ! isn't that rene magritte's old jacket ?

a sunday school teacher at the office said i should bring her some leather-bound relics from rome ... with louis vuitton written all over 'em

those australian barmaids again

bring me my bow of burning gold

a bold promise

night must fall

inside the pantheon

outside the pantheon

water water everywhere

are they baths or coffins ?

Santa Maria della Vittoria

of course, a real gentleman would instinctively understand how to operate this

fifth century mosaics high up in santa maria maggiore

in the gallery beneath the dome of saint peter's, just before the ascent to the cupola