Thursday, July 20, 2006

be certain of nothing ...

... for nothing is certain, said bertrand russell, philosopher and mathematician

i sympathise with his idealistic view, but those of us who are less privileged must be more pragmatic

i'm pragmatically interested in the way that sod's law seems to be subservient to the law of averages

for instance, I reckon ...

The Law Of Averages Is A Controlling Factor In Any Calculation That Conjectures Upon The Frequency Of Occurrences In Sod’s Law. I’ve Said Before That Sod’s Law Is Both Universal And Particular, Universal Because It Can Happen Anywhere, Particular Because It Always Happens To Me. Example: Any Worker Who Must Get Up In The Night Will Want To Dress In Darkness To Avoid Disturbing The Composure And Repose Of The Loved One. The Law Of Averages Predicts That Once In A While, Whilst Putting On One’s Trousers In The Dark, The Seam Of The Crotch Will Neatly Fit Into The Gap Between The Big Toe And The Second Toe, And Inevitably, The Dresser Will Topple Sideways Onto The Bed, Thus Banishing All Sleep From The House.

Perhaps Russell had a tight-rope walker's balance & poise ... i don't.