Wednesday, October 05, 2005

reading practise & games of skill

you have to do a bit of reading, if only to remember how to spell

i'd been avoiding susan sontag for years, thinking she'd be too clever, maybe too heavy for me

turns out she's full of warmth & enthusiasm and her texts slide down as easily as good wine

the hopscotch was freshly drawn, the artist's broken chalks lay on the path not far away

in england, children throw the pebble or whatever into the squares

i've seen spanish children place a pebble on the starting line, then stand on one leg with their toe just touching the pebble, then attempt to flick the stone with that same toe towards their chosen square

i've tried it, & it seemed impossible !

and have you seen a spanish egg& spoon race ?

they don't carry the spoon, they grip the spoon handle between their teeth !

ouch !

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