Monday, January 28, 2008

a bargain from the excellent oxfam bookshop in reigate ... and a very short true story

i met a girl in a little country town who wanted to become a nurse and couldn't wait to leave school

to gain some experience, after taking her exams, she worked part-time for two weeks during her final summer term, at a local home that provided sheltered accomodation for the elderly

before catching the bus home to her village that afternoon, she ran around to my place to describe how, on her very first morning, she was quite startled when they asked her to go and bathe an old lady who was no longer able to leave her room

what did you do ?

i rolled up my sleeves of course !

.... and as she was undressing her, so she discovered that the old lady had a multitude of beautifully drawn tattoos ...

what did you think when you saw them ? i asked

i said to her ... blimey, i bet you could tell me a few stories ! where did you get them tattoos ?

and the old lady's reply began ... i was a dancer in paris during the nineteen twenties, my dear ...

next afternoon, same time, the girl came back to see me again

she had reported to the matron for instructions that morning

i'm afraid your old lady has died in the night ... could you go in and bathe her again ?

did you ? i asked

of course ! said the schoolgirl