Saturday, June 16, 2007

road blocks in lagartera

to the leadenhall market ... what did the victorians ever do for us ?

leadenhall market, all lit up on a wet and winday saturday morning

battered ornaments by saint paul's cathedral

on the road from navalmoral to guadalupe last monday morning

pilgrim's arrival looking down to guadalupe

the moorish-gothicky front of the cathedral at guadalupe

looking up to one of the three organs in the cathedral at guadalupe

guadalupe quiz ... your starter for ninety-nine points ... is there a special name for an equine sphinx ?

battered ornament on the door at guadalupe

not one green man, but five, at the door of guadalupe

ermita del humilladero ... in the pass above guadalupe


sierra de la paramera

above el herradon on the high road from avila to escorial