Sunday, March 12, 2006

lagartera and the sierra de gredos

it was semana santa 1986? & that morning i walked back down the hill just in time to see the local girls' five-a-side finals with a can of cold beer in my hand

my, how those girls perspired !

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my very first morning in spain, 1986

calle del barco in madrid, ramon's apartment, 1986, the view from the terrace

the teapot was made by pedro de la cal, the sweetest old man in puente del arzobispo

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faded prints of much loved places

this fuzzy image is scanned from a small print that was pinned up in about six different homes as i've drifted around

it was taken in lagartera in 1986, a sweet village on a low granite hill beside a wide dusty plain with a spectacular view to the snowy sierra de gredos

a few very old ladies still wore their traditional costumes about the streets and the main sources of income were from their families' marvellous embroideries, and from the pig industry which burgeoned with eec grant money at that time

this silhouette of the village soon disappeared as that cash was re-invested in a not-for-sale property boom when the villagers built themselves modern homes on their tiny fields and olive groves

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come in number one hundred and twenty three, your time is up !

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reflections of reflections

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boat jam

at the end of their downstream sprint the exhausted scullers move slowly back upstream towards the clubhouses and the ramps

the tide has slid out really quickly and there is only sufficient water for one boat at a time to pass beneath putney bridge

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"my hands are blistered !"

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peace keepers returning from the clapham peace demo

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fashion v style ... unreal city

i wonder what constellation the moon was rising in today ?

Answer = it was a waxing gibbous moon rising through leo

... hey ! that's my constellation !

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t.s.eliot's river ... run softly 'til i sing my song

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