Saturday, September 13, 2008

two for joy

chartres clocks


in chartres, we met a tough australian who had just walked a huge chunk of the pilgrim's way from the french border to santiago

it was the first time i'd seen all the stamps which the pilgrims collect at each hostel on the route

now she'd come to chartres to study the labyrinth ... and she explained the difference between a medieval church's labyrinth and a maze ... the medieval church labyrinths have a spiritual or symbolic purpose possibly connected to the pilgrimage to jerusalem and they don't have dead ends

unfortunately the origins of their meaning were forgotten by the clergy and many were destroyed

here's an uncredited image downloaded from wikipedia's article on the cathedral at chartres

chartres ... the old post office

any old irons

plusiers des any old irons

piss-ups and breweries, french style

courbet's great studio painting almost restored in the musee d'orsay