Wednesday, March 01, 2006

this red boat was just swinging around it's buoy as the tide turned to ebb

that's the same cloud as in the picture of hurlingham below, moving on, as they do

at one time, back in 1928, the land over there was flooded to a depth of six feet

i suppose there'll be a next time

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the hurlingham club, a rare glimpse from wandsworth park

their website includes an interesting history

after WWII, some of their land was nationalised ... today they only hold forty-two acres

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st thomas a becket church at brightling

with squire jack fuller's tomb

last time i was there, the day was freezing and grey, this morning was just as cold but brilliant

i wanted to go in to photograph some of the fixtures and fittings but a communion service had just begun when i arrived

if it is sunny, i'll try again next week

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