Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fernando Fernán-Gómez RIP

if you have never seen it, then it is never too late to watch "the spirit of the beehive"

it is said that his favourite tango, caminito, was played at the cremation


Little path that time has erased,

That one day saw us pass by together,

I have come for the last time,

I have come to tell you my woes.

Little path, you were then,

embroidered in clover and flowering reeds,

a shadow you will soon be,

a shadow the same as myself.

Since she left I live in sadness,

little road my friend, I'm leaving also.

Since she left she never returned,

I'll follow her steps, little path, goodbye.

Little path which every afternoon

I happily travelled singing of my love

don't tell her if she passes through again

that my tears watered your tracks.

Little path covered with thistle,

the hand of time erased your tracks.

I would like to fall beside you

and let time kill us both.