Sunday, July 03, 2005

they kept forgetting their dance steps Posted by Picasa

waiting for the parade Posted by Picasa

wembley temple pigeons Posted by Picasa

the new temple in wembley Posted by Picasa

wembley afternoon

i went to meet my sister v in wembley and we marvelled at the sari shops and the 22 carat jewellers in enfield road

there was a building site lower down enfield road with a real indian temple nearing completion, the pigeons are already moving in

and then, just as it started to rain, there was a parade

battersea morning Posted by Picasa

peaceful Posted by Picasa

a silly trick of the light Posted by Picasa

quite early one morning....

early sunday morning on putney lower common Posted by Picasa

sunny sunday morning

i was wide awake at six and so, to give the loved one some peace and quiet, i took the bike out onto PUTNEY LOWER COMMON, nearly two hundred metres from our doorstep

it was like being in open country and was full of birdsong, but noisiest of all were the long tailed parakeets ( OR WHATEVER ) who zoom across the south london tree tops like hawks

then i followed the river down as far as albert bridge, but very slowly, stopping for a while at the huge new curved building at albion wharf ... its another place i'll have to go back to a few times before i can get THE RIGHT PICTURE

got back just in time for another dose of fruit salad with licor de amendoa ... to quote a charming glutton i once knew, ITS LIKE ORGASMS IN MY MOUTH !