Wednesday, August 08, 2007

vauxhall bridge ... west side

Bob Speel informs us that : On the upstream side, F. W. Pomeroy was the sculptor. From the south-east side, the first allegorical figure is Pottery, holding a pot, of course, and with very nice drapes; second is Engineering, and holds a Mamod-like fixed steam engine, with 1 cylinder and a big flywheel. Her right hand holds a mallet resting on an anvil next to her. Architecture is next, holding a model of St Paul's Cathedral in her left hand - the fact that the model is about 2 ft long indicates the scale of the statue - and callipers in her right hand. Finally, closest to the north-west bank is Agriculture, with rather magnificent shepherd's crook and a sheaf of corn.

It looks like a scythe to me !