Monday, June 30, 2008

on the north side of a private chapel in the home counties

on the south side of a private chapel in the home counties

in a private chapel in the home counties

Here lies the Body of JOHN EVELYN Esq of this place, second son of RICHARD EVELYN Esq who having served the Publick in several employments of which that Commissioner of the Privy Seal in the reign of King James the 2nd was most Honourable: and perpetuated his fame by far more lasting Monuments than those of Stone, or Brass: his Learned and useful works, fell asleep the 27th day of February 1705/6 being the 86th Year of his age in full hope of a glorious resurrection thro faith in Jesus Christ. Living in an age of extraordinary events, and revolutions he learnt (as himself asserted) this truth which pursuant to his intention is here declared.
That all is vanity which is not honest and that there's no solid Wisdom but in real piety.

Of five Sons and three Daughters borne to him from his most vertuous and excellent Wife MARY sole daughter, and heiress of Sir RICHARD BROWNE of Sayes Court near Deptford in Kent onely one Daughter SUSANNA married to WILLIAM DRAPER Esq of Adscomb in this County survived him the two others dying in the flower of their age, and all the sons very young except one nam'd John who deceased 24 March 1698/9 in the 45th year of his age, leaving one son JOHN and one daughter ELIZABETH.

i've kept this picture in one of my scrapbooks for nearly forty years

Sunday, June 29, 2008

faith, hope, love ... the guiding virtues of queen alexandra

marlborovgh road

"do i dare to eat a peach ?"

a bit of local colour ... in the garden wall of saint james' palace

on the hour, mister fortnum and mister mason emerge to look around, mister mason glances at mr fortnum, and then mister fortnum nods approvingly

in the courtyard of saint james' church on piccadilly

exuberant divers above cove street by piccadilly circus

gilbert bayes' freize for the saville theatre, 135 shaftesbury avenue

gilbert bayes' saville theatre freize ... extreme left

gilbert bayes' saville theatre ... left

gilbert bayes' saville theatre freize ... middle

gilbert bayes' saville theatre freize ... right

Friday, June 27, 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008

to the woods ! ... via the tapestry room

you look dapper from your napper to your feet ... to the national art library in the V&A to find out more about maurice lambert; he's wearing gloves

i'll go back next week to check some details before i give you the results of my short search ...
... and many thanks to everyone at the library for their courtesy and patience
one of the questions that i'll be "sniffing around" in search of an answer for is ...
was there such a thing as "cold war art" & was maurice's work for Associated Electrical Industries a prime example ?
curiously enough, fantastically curiously, quite creepily serendipitously ... having just formulated that question and typed the three words into google, i've found this link to a forthcoming exhibition on the V&A's very own website !
maybe the question needs reformulating ... was there such a thing as "corporate cold war art" ?

wotton church in surrey

i'd like to get inside this isolated church to see what remains of john evelyn's memorial

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

transport for london ... commodity fetishism ... weapons

whatever the grown ups living in london might be thinking about the attitude of the youth towards the possession of weapons, nothing stands between the cinema industry and the fetishization of arms

Sunday, June 22, 2008

it was never a penalty, ref !

ouch !

i was horrified when i saw the dog and the serpent drinking the blood and even more startled when i noticed the scorpion grabbing the bull's testicles ... an explanation of sorts is available via this link to wikipedia

good morning ! let the sun shine in ...