Saturday, June 14, 2008

simplistic, moi ?

the forty-two days detention issue takes our society right back to the origins of habeus corpus, because we even had bad rulers in the good old days !

for me it isn't what the papers have been describing as a FREEDOM issue, because i doubt that freedom is ever absolute in any society

for me it is a JUSTICE issue, because, no matter what the crime, justice must always be done, and must always be seen to be done without hindrance ... gordon brown & his supporters should know that showing the prisoner of the state to the court regularly is a fit and necessary test of the state's own necessary sense of national shame and honour ... and therefore, by implication, of it's leader's true patriotism

we don't own a tv yet tv licensing have sent me an intimidatory ultimatum, but why should i even purchase a stamp for a tax on my honesty ?

powel and pressburger's black narcissus

and at that moment, the silence in the cinema was shattered as the loved one gasped,


i've hung out the washing .... and i promise i'll plug in the vacuum cleaner ... as soon as i've finished this article ...

but ... one hour later ...