Monday, July 07, 2008

my mind goes blank ... again !

soaked after a quick dash in the pouring rain from the truck to the doorstep of the blogger, plutarch, a walking talking fount of knowledge and ideas, and a real gent, of course

in the time it takes to swallow a cup of coffee, the subject of current reading returned to the old problem of what to read whilst time is so precious ... what to avoid reading, and what we must re-read ... and we suddenly realized there is a gap in our perspective when neither of us could come up with a quick answer to this question ...

which are the most interesting, or complex, wimmin in the great novels ?

there are plenty of memorable beauties, and plenty of witty and passionate heroines, but when we tried to make a list of wimmin in novels who stimulate and challenge as spiritually and intellectually as do the ones we encounter in real life ... we agreed it might be necessary to appeal for suggestions

a bank in the strand

saint dunstan's in fleet street

a rusty old clock in fleet street