Thursday, December 29, 2005

carters fun fair comes to town

we finished work early and i cycled homeward, meandering through battersea park

everyone looked stressed from the cold, my own fingers and toes were painful

even in the middle of the day it seemed dark and there were specks of snow in the air

yet carters' funfair was up and running, the lights and music creating a little heaven on earth

it is the miracle of the age, everything restored to glossy perfection and hand-painted with enormous panache

it is a national treasure, as valuable as any art gallery or museum

carters fair at battersea park, not at all modern i'm pleased to say !

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the shortest train ride in london on carters wonder railway, see how the stock curves to fit the track

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shiny sporty austins queueing by the pumps at carters famous motordrome

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detail from the flying chairs ride at carters fun fair

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the oldest WORKING vehicle on England's roads, carters travelling candy floss lorry

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