Wednesday, June 01, 2005

the distinguished artisans, sam and damon Posted by Hello

v's medal Posted by Hello

v's medal Posted by Hello

the medallists

the large medal my sister v modelled in wax to commemorate our parents has now been cast in bronze

the two halves were welded together ... with some difficulty i should imagine

all that remains is for the guys to polish and patinate or vice versa !

more pictures when the job is done, hopefully in about a week

the captive white boy, santiago mckinn, by camillus sidney buck fly Posted by Hello

anonymous ? Posted by Hello

black history mystery

if you go to

and study the picture ...

you'll find a little boy who was surrendered after five months in the company of injuns

BUT who was the little BLACK boy at the left of the picture ?

was he captive too ?

this picture was taken in a desert canyon, twenty five miles south of the arizona-mexico border, fully twenty years after the American Civil war had ended