Friday, July 27, 2007

from coombe wood on bury hill, looking down the arun valley

the sea is just a smudge on the horizon

the blasted tree is named "joe bialik's tree" after the best workmate in the universe

... and the image is grainy because i'd left the "film speed" on ASA 1600 by mistake

Sunday, July 22, 2007

cap'n bligh lived 'ere ... i think i'm sufficiently mature to audition for the part !

camouflage exhibition at the imperial war museum ... spy post ... a false tree trunk made of iron

imperial war museum ... the tin hat, by jacob epstein

imperial war museum ... lawrence of arabia's seventh ( and final ) brough superior

humble critturs mindin' their own business beside the bus stop on putney heath

the imperial war museum

cecil harrison, an old chap in malmesbury, who'd flown something like this in the great war, was a pacifist, so he was despised in our little town

imperial war museum ... lessons from the past ... if all else fails, read the instructions

a shiny john minton self-portrait behind glass at the imperial war museum

old bill at the imperial war museum

more old bill at the imperial war museum

the imperial war museum ... you'd never get me down in one of those

prepare yourselves for taste overload !