Friday, March 11, 2005

the sad skellington of brighton's west pier Posted by Hello

chaos at the metropole

i left the house at five and cycled to work

by 0745 i was unloading in worthing next door to a burning mosque

i went to the metropole at brighton at 0845 and there was a queue of people waiting to deliver

the hotel is extra busy because the conservative conference is on but they don't seem to have any extra staff in the back of the house

we have other customers, not so big but equally valued, so i dashed off to a couple of villages in the far east of sussex and came back seventy miles later at 1115

this time there was nobody on the back door so i drove off to another remote village between horsham & guildford

then i stopped for lunch

eventually the delivery was made at 1430, one hundred and thirty miles later and only five and a half hours late

stressed, moi ?

and another thing ... brighton council should be ashamed of the mess they got into with the west pier, just look at it ... still, mustn't grumble !