Monday, February 28, 2005

shaun displays effortless skill Posted by Hello

shaun needs a holiday

so he's flying off to barbados for a week

he's taking his own sardine sandwiches because he doesn't think much of airline food

he's also rather worried about the escalating price of drink in the caribbean so any charitable contributions will be gratefully received

shaun's tow truck Posted by Hello

some drivers have all the fun

just as i was heading for home at edenbridge there came a call to say that shaun's van was in the ditch near "cheeseworks" which is in a "high" part of kent near goudhurst & so I was sent over to see how things were

the snow was melting & shaun & the van were ok, having only slipped on a soft verge and sunk into the mud, but the monstrous american tow truck was well worth waiting for