Wednesday, August 17, 2005

eric ravilious looking up ... Posted by Picasa

eric ravilious looking down ... Posted by Picasa

eric ravilious serendipity

one of the best birthday cards that i had yesterday came from the loved one, showing a painting by eric ravilious of a third class train carriage interior with a view towards the westbury white horse.

a most appropriate choice for me because i'm a wiltshire lad,
because i have happy though vague early memories of travelling in similar carriages during the early nineteen-fifties,
and because train journeys still occupy a significant portion of my dreamspace

this morning i went image searching on the net and the first ravilious painting that i found was the "corresponding" view from "up on top" of the white horse, looking down on the train!

when you've finished looking at eric's work, do go and find some of the images by james, his son, a most wonderful photographer

us old grammer shool boys is easily distractid

don't let's get tecnikle ... is your quirk as well thumbed as my fowler ? Posted by Picasa