Wednesday, August 30, 2006

if only i hadn't been cycling home in such heavy traffic ...

because i might have photographed a lady driving a car whilst trying to scrape a label off the instep of a ( new-looking black velvet-textured high-heeled ) shoe with her teeth

Friday, August 25, 2006

the weather vane above young's brewery in wandsworth

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young's brewery in wandsworth

whilst waiting for my bike repairs, i failed to finish a pint of young's special in the spreadeagle because it is just too strong !

then i crossed the street to take a picture of the brewery, just sold to a developer for £69 million

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about one eighth of the freize on wandsworth town hall

all idealized stereotypes, typical of the time, carved by david evans around 1936/1937

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marble stacked at st john's hill near clapham junction

there are lots of marble warehouses and stores in south london

here the sheets of stone were illuminated by the oblique sunlight

i was on my way home from work, and if i hadn't had to push my bike two and half miles along some different streets to the bike shop for a new back tyre, i'd have missed it

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

eastbourne ... band stand and pier

a delivery to the grand hotel during an unusually busy day provided an opportunity for a very brief scamper from the cab to take two pictures in eastbourne

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eastbourne's other architectural glory, the effluent water filtration complex

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oi've never seen nuthin loik it ! how the kentish cultivate their fields

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