Thursday, June 26, 2008

to the woods ! ... via the tapestry room

you look dapper from your napper to your feet ... to the national art library in the V&A to find out more about maurice lambert; he's wearing gloves

i'll go back next week to check some details before i give you the results of my short search ...
... and many thanks to everyone at the library for their courtesy and patience
one of the questions that i'll be "sniffing around" in search of an answer for is ...
was there such a thing as "cold war art" & was maurice's work for Associated Electrical Industries a prime example ?
curiously enough, fantastically curiously, quite creepily serendipitously ... having just formulated that question and typed the three words into google, i've found this link to a forthcoming exhibition on the V&A's very own website !
maybe the question needs reformulating ... was there such a thing as "corporate cold war art" ?

wotton church in surrey

i'd like to get inside this isolated church to see what remains of john evelyn's memorial