Friday, July 04, 2008

more about maurice lambert

there isn't much written about maurice lambert ... perhaps because not much of his work is memorable

the main book, by vanessa nicolson, is excellently illustrated and researched ... but she sticks to the facts and so she doesn't really ask the question i need to answer ...

how did maurice go from being that sweet baby to becoming a part-time or temporary pornographer of [post-war/cold-war/state-sponsored?] violence ?

and which holder of the purse-strings commissioned the work on behalf of associated electrical industries, and how far was it's confrontational subject matter discussed ?

maybe vanessa nicolson's single paragraph about maurice lambert's war-time experience gives us a tenuous clue to his own attitude

... and maybe the following article, which popped up when i googled "corporate cold war art", might help to give some perspective to the nature of this commission ...

some gilbert bayes nymphs in the V&A

"the unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable"

a rarther frivverless old joanna ... designed by burne-jones

did they mop their gravy with bread, or just lick the plate ?

sometimes the day starts well ...