Thursday, December 28, 2006

hastings net sheds

old hastings boats and net sheds

hastings net sheds ... a sympathetic tower

hastings net sheds ... any colour you like, as long as its black

this old image is from the united states library of congress archives

hastings' little funicular railway

the old hastings boats had strongly fortified hulls

the modern hastings fishing boats are like sledges

i hadn't looked at a lobster pot for forty years ... the design has evolved a long way from the old baskets

maybe seagulls can read ...

winchelsea church

interior of winchelsea church

despite the destruction of parts of winchelsea church in past centuries, the interior still feels spacious, and today i was lucky to find the christmas decorations still looking very good

stained glass by douglas strachan in winchelsea church

terrifically well organised designs with a very clever use of appropriate perspective to emphasise the height of the figures

memorial window by douglas strachan in winchelsea church

all the windows in winchelsea church are by douglas strachan

they aren't pretty, to my eye, but quite big and spectacular and "fit for purpose"

who commissioned them ? who paid ?

i should have bought a guide book !

one of several knights resting in winchelsea church

lion or lapdog ... how long have they been together ?

... and lastly, the bike ride home through wandsworth park