Friday, January 09, 2009

a frosty morning

between cowfold and bolney, although the sky was clear and bright, my thermometer dipped to -9.5 degrees centigrade.
during the half hour or so of the school run, between making deliveries at christ's hospital school and at cuckfield, i stopped and pulled over to the side four times to give maximum space to oncoming vehicles whose windows and windscreens appeared to be impenetrably frosted.
by coincidence, each appeared to be driven by a woman with children in the back.


all this week i've been driving with the fuel consumption display on and trying to stay light on the accelerator
during that time, i've got my average mileage per gallon up every day
at the start of the week it was about 14.6
today it was 18.2 which is not bad for a small truck