Wednesday, December 27, 2006

re-visiting battersea park peace pagoda

i've missed nearly three months of cycling since twisting my knee

it has cost a fortune in bus fares

today we were lucky to finish work early ( before dark ! ) and so i cycled very slowly home through battersea park, across albert bridge, and on past the old chelsea power station

there was no sunshine, but enough light to see some detail and texture

battersea park buddha vandalised

battersea park buddha not yet vandalised

albert bridge south side

cheese smugglers hiding away over on the battersea side

couldn't someone nip round to oxfam for a cardy and a bobble hat ?

posh skyline by the river

medieval genetic engineering

looking back downstream towards battersea power station

battersea bridge close-up

view from battersea bridge - one

view from battersea bridge - two

chelsea ... old power station, old pub

lots road ... don't look back

loads of gas in chelsea and fulham

by the bus stop at chelsea wharf