Saturday, November 10, 2007

fortnum and mason's ... twelve drummers drumming, 'leven pipers piping

it is my weekend off but i got up at the usual time and took a fourteen bus from the green man to piccadilly so there'd be no distractions while i photographed the christmas window display at fortnum and mason


Lucy said...

They are quite remarkable but decidedly sinister!
I've enjoyed there being more to read here, as well as your always delicious pictures. I remember the Wm Morris museum in Walthamstow very well; it was one of my favourite excursions when I lived in London, and Walthamstow always had pleasant associations for me because of it.

tristan said...

thanx for visiting ... it is good to hear from you

look a little closer ... the drummers sticks are tiny teaspoons and their drums a real porcelain cups !