Wednesday, December 26, 2007

if you think education is expensive, then try ignorance ...

the loved one and i were talking about paris, which i hardly know ... and i remembered how i once told some jazz-loving friends that i'd been lost one night many years ago, on my first visit to the city, in the seemingly endless curved corridors of the meridien hotel in the north of paris

i was on the wrong floor & instead of finding a lift, took a wrong turn to a balcony looking down in to an atrium where, far below me, an excellent jazz trio were playing to a very well-dressed ( glittering, indeed ) audience ... in a style very like that of oscar peterson ... but i was extremely tired and only watched a couple of numbers before resuming the search for my room
my very sweet & good-natured friends reacted to this remark with stony-faced contempt ...
"you fool, tristan ! that WAS oscar peterson"

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Lucy said...

Life's too short for regrets!
Merry rest of Christmas and a happy New Year.