Friday, February 02, 2007

parliament ... where socialism is betrayed on a daily basis

more damned stone carving ... caius cibber again ... the pedestal of the monument to london's restoration after the great fire

blackfriars ... standing room only

posh blackfriars signage ... your pilgrimage has ended

holborn viaduct just after sunset in february

holborn viaduct is difficult to photograph after sunset

one of holborn viaduct's lions ... all rather venetian

holborn viaduct ... i have a strong weakness for tall women ... well, all sizes, actually

saint paul's

there is a small beach beneath the embankment at the royal festival hall

looking up from the beach beneath the royal festival hall

they've recently changed the lights on the millenium wheel from blue to red

i can't take sharp pictures of the millenium wheel at night because it moves quite a long way in five seconds