Saturday, October 06, 2007

fancy door posts at the natural history museum

twilight in the natural history museum

at the natural history museum, the medium, presumably, is the message

i can resist anything, except temptation ...

... safe hands at the V&A

after a long week, we return to the gamble dining room in the V&A on friday night for a posh curry and a large glass of orgasmic merlot

the poynter dining room in the V&A at night

and they even have authentic town mice that scamper out from behind the skirting boards in search of crumbs

chihuly in the V&A at night

a drawing master once told me it was sometimes helpful to look at your work upside down in order to see it with "fresh eyes" and to satisfy doubts about the balance & integrity of the design

the courtyard at the V&A

compare and contrast gandharan buddhas

gandharan buddhas c.4th century from brighton and from the V&A

? looted from the same temple ?