Friday, September 12, 2008

borrowed image

at the jeu de paume in paris, there is a big exhibition of wonderful photographs by the late richard avedon

i had a lot of delightful surprises and one big surprise

somehow or other, for nearly forty years, this triptych had passed me by ... i had never seen it

in the second room at the jeu de paume, the three prints, each about ten feet square, are displayed higher up the wall than in this picture from the milan show

so coming face to face with some of the "cast" of lou reed's "walk on the wild side" was quite a shock

for some reason that i'm not yet able to rationalize, i was immediately reminded of some of botticelli's great canvases, primavera, venus and mars, ... but of course warhol's factory had nothing to do with idealism ... maybe someone else can figure out the connection for me

any suggestions ?

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