Saturday, November 15, 2008

fortnum and mason's xmas window 5a


braconnier said...

what's the link between this shop window of the snowqueen and the emotional blackmailer's handbook?

Anonymous said...

what's the link between the shop window and the emotional blackmailer?

tristan said...

that's a tricky question

i am the ( ex- ) emotional blackmailer

i am 59 years old and i grew up on an auditory diet of popular music, much of which has lyrics that are cerebral masterpieces of rhyming emotional blackmail ... you saw me crying in the chapel ... it's my party and i'll cry if i want to ... etc

i rather think this view of "love" discoloured my entire life-view during the first half of my life ... and i'm still trying to unlearn the cheap rhetoric of amatory persuasion ... or at least, to only ever use it with eyes wide-open

my blog is just a visual diary

there was no direct link between the shop window and emotional blackmail ... although i suppose that hans christian andersen's own life-story suggests that he struggled and lost his way in the dark forests of hope and love