Wednesday, November 19, 2008

i'm saving up for some clean socks in case we go visiting


Rosie said...

gosh those notes look crispy and new...have you been building your own printing press?

Thomas Wentworth Hardy said...

Hi Tristan,I just read your quote of Proust in which he suggests we should regard our ancestors.I have for a long time felt it strange that my ancestors survived events like World War I and Medieval Europe when I myself am so weak.What do you think accounts for this contradiction?Enjoying looking through your blog...Tom Hardy Australia

tristan said...

rosie ... i love the way bank notes are printed , they're always having to find new techniques to confound the forgers ... i managed to save a bit, too, because i bought six pairs of almost posh socks in tescos for five pounds this morning

hullo again, thomas ... that is such a big question ... i too find it difficult to imagine how i might have survived in olden times when life was so much harsher ... indeed we are only ever as far from starvation as the nation's stockpile of food and drink, unless we have the strength and energy to become self-sufficient