Wednesday, November 12, 2008

a very special exhibition

an art exhibition at croydon clocktower with a specific historical text featuring some wonderful paintings by former patients of psychiatric hospitals in the area, notably richard dadd and louis wain, but with many other works that engage, delight, perplex, and even move one to tears
i include a link to bethlem hospital's short page on william kuralek and the leicester gallery's and the wikipedia article on the same


Thomas Wentworth Hardy said...

You are refrehingly open minded evidenced by your featuring the art of mental illness patients.When I was first diagnosed with mental illness creative artwork was how I dealt with the humiliation.Just because I've been labled doesn't mean I'm stupid.Tolouse Lautrec spent time in a psychiatric ward.If I take my medication I am entitled to an opinion.Check out the artwork on my blog.P.S Great photos...Great Blog...Tom Hardy Australia

tristan said...

thomas, thanx for visiting and for the pleasure of your acquaintance ... sorry so slow to respond ... the sixty hour week numbs the etiquette nodule somewhere deep in the brain's innermost core ... look back through the blog to find toulouse lautrec's portrait of vincent van gogh ... your blog is very interesting ... and prolific ! best wishes from tristan