Tuesday, January 20, 2009

bird talk

As I drove in to Ockenden Manor at Cuckfield on a dark day there was a commotion of a dozen blackbirds around the lovely high-walled lawn. They had gathered to harass a stranger, but seemed rather hesitant in the face of his/her own ebullient aggression. The only difference between them and him/her was colour … instead of being feathered purely in black, he/she was spectacularly piebald. I’d never seen a pied blackbird and was first startled and then enchanted. Sadly, my camera is away for repairs and I can only show you these vague images captured through a smaller lens … but you get the picture.


TractorStats said...

Obama Bird

Silver said...

Hi..i said i was coming back to visit..

i always get such a comfortable serene feeling when i get here.

i guess, it's not the camera that matters, it what you have captured through your eyes and heart that move others.


sterna said...

Four-and-twenty blackbirds baked and a pied?

tristan said...

hullo, each

... and thanx for visiting