Monday, January 05, 2009

du temps recherches

on Sunday, instead of going out to do some casual work and even despite needing the cash-in-hand, i stayed home to read the last 250 pages of proust, starting in the wee small insomniac hours, and after a few diversions and interruptions, finishing just a little after bedtime

whew !

i'm very glad to have read it because there was much to entertain, enthuse, inform, amaze, and delight me, and even to stretch my less-than-elastic mind ... but there were times when he seemed "to go on a bit" and so i wished he'd hurry up and get to the point on several occasions ... however, overall impressions can be summarized as "hurrah, very well-done, and thankyou, a thousand times, dear marcel !"


Rosie said...

I'll wait for the summary

tristan said...

something like ... boy meets girl, boy meets lady, boy meets old queen, boy meets woman, fails to cure arrested development but develops nice aesthetic and philosophical ideas expressed sometimes with dazzling felicity

Anonymous said...


I think reading Proust is a bit like water-skiing. It helps to read at a certain speed to keep the momentum going. Otherwise one might begin to sink.

tristan said...

thanx for visiting ... that is a very good analogy