Friday, January 09, 2009

a frosty morning

between cowfold and bolney, although the sky was clear and bright, my thermometer dipped to -9.5 degrees centigrade.
during the half hour or so of the school run, between making deliveries at christ's hospital school and at cuckfield, i stopped and pulled over to the side four times to give maximum space to oncoming vehicles whose windows and windscreens appeared to be impenetrably frosted.
by coincidence, each appeared to be driven by a woman with children in the back.


Rouchswalwe said...

Robin redbreast, little plump one with the plaintive eyes, sings his sweet songs throughout the winter.

tristan said...

indeed, they do ... and through the night sometimes

this morning, at the bus stop next to the green man on putney heath, a robin redbreast hopped along the kerb not far from four grown men, stopping three or four times to take a look at us before going back to forage for crumbs in the gutter

SILVER said...

I clicked on the 'Next Blog' icon and arrived here.. am quite glad i did, actually!

You bet i would be coming round this 'blog'.. if it's ok with you.


tristan said...

thanx for visiting ... you're too kind ... and you're always welcome