Tuesday, February 03, 2009

i'm mandy, fly me

... a few months later, in April, mardecortesbaja showed this nice picture by stevan dohanos ...


la peregrina said...

Did you take this photo on the day of the "big" snowstorm?

tristan said...

i did, and as you can see, the snow was nearly nine inches deep in places ... despite the tall stories, we have seen worse

it took me twelve hours to reach my destination, gatwick airport, about 35 miles from central london,

having abandoned route one after three detours and finding the last hill irretrievably congested with abandoned vehicles, i reversed down the hill for a mile and then returned to town for a short sleep, and eventually managed a detour which added another thirty miles to the journey and gave me several moments of white-knuckle anxiety

the return journey back in to london only took two and a half hours during which time, despite the evidence of crashed and abandoned cars here there and everywhere, people still tried to overtake on a very bumpy surface of re-frozen slush

whew !